5 Patio Ideas to Keep You Warm This Winter

5 Patio Ideas to Keep You Warm This Winter

During wintertime, most people opt to pack their outdoor spaces up and store their outdoor furniture away. What’s the use of using your outdoor patio when it’s too cold to lounge outside, host a backyard party, or take a dip in the pool, right?

Well, think again, pals. Just like spring and summer, winter is also a great time to chill outside—pun intended. You can curl up on your patio around a gas fire pit or fireplace, with your favorite blanket, a book, and a warm chocolate drink. 

Here are a few winter patio ideas to keep you warm this winter:

1. Cozy up by having an outdoor warmer

Outdoor patios will not be complete without a cozy outdoor warmer. In the winter season, temperatures will drop and you will need something to make you feel warm. 

You can opt for a permanent outdoor warmer made with pavers. Or if installing something permanent is not your thing, you can be more creative with portable or movable outdoor warmers or fireplaces. So, whether you lounge by yourself or sit with your loved ones, sipping hot drinks, playing board games, or exchanging funny stories, the outdoor warmer will keep you and your company warm as long as you desire to stay outside.

Check out Patio Furniture Land for a variety of winter patio ideas. We are your number one source for Outdoor Warmer. We offer a variety of gas fire pit with many designs to choose from. One of our amazing outdoor warmer is the EMPEROR Natural Gas Match Lit . It’s classic yet elegant and will surely keep you and your loved ones warm this winter.

2. Have an Outdoor Shade

One of the few wonderful winter patio ideas is to have a patio shade from your floor to your ceiling. Outdoor shades will not only make your patios look beautiful, but they also give you the comfort that you need when you sit outside in winter. Another great thing about having shades is that you can use the shades even after the winter season and when springtime or summertime comes and the weather gets warmer. 

Check out this shade from Patio Furniture Land, which you will surely love. These outdoor shades can also give you room to be creative allowing those winter patio decorating ideas of yours to come to life.

3. Invest on Winter Patio Enclosure: Gazebos & Parasols

Chilly winds, snow, or rain do not just affect us people but it also affect all our home’s external areas. One big disadvantage of not having a winter patio enclosure is that you will be spending an extra amount of time cleaning up your patio after every snow or storm. Having a winter patio enclosure will add more years to your patio.

Check out this Gazebo from Patio Furniture Land. PFL offers different styles of winter patio enclosures guaranteed to make you and your outdoor patio look and feel cozy. 

4. Install warm lights and lanterns

During the winter season, it gets dark earlier during evening time, so you must have good outdoor lighting for your patio. Plus, lights give you a more welcoming feel. You can experiment on a few winter decorating ideas using lights. You can try on holiday lights to give your patio a pretty ambiance during those frosty winter evenings. Or you can try colorful lights or lanterns for a more festive feel.

5. Add colorful warm blankets

As the snow begins to trickle down, one thing that we will surely need is a warm, cozy winter blanket. Whether you want to snuggle up or just need an additional layer of warmth on frosty winter evenings, a comfortable blanket is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Pimp up your outdoor look with a colorful blanket as you lounge on your outdoor patio.

So, in this cold season, head on to our website at Patio Furniture Land . We will fulfill your patio needs and help keep you warm this winter. 

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