Best Uses of Ottoman

Jan 25, 2021
Best Uses of Ottoman

What is an Ottoman?

Ottomans originally came from Turkey during the Ottoman Empire in the late 1700s, hence the name. During that time, ottomans were typically used as seating. Owners had lots of cushions piled up which often spanned the entire wall where people usually relax.
The Turkish people, over time, created a smaller version that would easily fit in the corners of almost any room. During the French invasion of the Ottoman Empire, they noticed that this small furniture item was comfortable as a footrest and so they brought the idea with them back home. Since then, ottomans have become a talk of the town and eventually reach to other parts of the globe. They are popular not just as footrests and seating, but also as tables and as storage.

Ottomans Today

In today’s time, people use ottomans because they provide an additional aesthetic layer to their home furnishings. They are also functional and comfortable items that you can add to your bedroom, living room, etc. 
Here are ways you can use ottomans to enhance your living space:

1. Foot Stool

This original and most common function of an ottoman is to place your feet on them after a long day’s work or if you just want to relax. This tradition never seems to change. The dimensions of an ottoman are available in various sizes – could be as wide as a couch, petite sizes, etc.

FOREVER PATIO Traverse Rectangle Ottoman

This FOREVER PATIO Traverse Rectangle Ottoman from PFL evokes a classic, traditional style with a roomy, wide arm design. The deep seating cushions provide a comfortable seat and give a unique throwback feel. 

2. Extra Seating

It’s undeniable that ottomans make comfortable seats. They are great to have especially when you have guests over for a party or gathering. A square ottoman can accommodate one person, while a rectangle ottoman (often referred to as an ottoman bench) can usually accommodate up to two persons comfortably.
Nowadays, it is common to find an ottoman that doubles as a seat and as a storage. Make sure you know the dimensions, as some ottomans are taller than the others.

PFL’s FOREVER PATIO Universal Cube Ottoman is the perfect addition to your outdoor or indoor setting without taking much space. This ottoman includes a cushion that is covered in fade- and mildew-resistant Sunbrella fabric.

FOREVER PATIO Universal Cube Ottoman

3. Coffee Table

A coffee table is a table that is lower than your couch and is often used to set and display items beside the couch. Over the years, ottomans have become more versatile and larger. You can place your drink tray on them or your favorite books and magazines, ottomans can handle it all. 

This FOREVER PATIO Horizon Sectional Coffee Table Ottoman from PFL features an uncluttered style that makes itself at home in any outdoor or indoor environment. You can try mixing this coffee table ottoman to create a sectional, sofa, loveseat, chaise, or whatever that best suits your preference!

4. Additional Storage

In every living room, there is always a need for storage of random items like remote controls, children’s toys, gaming consoles, or controllers. You can just tuck away those items easily and if you need to use them, they are just one grab away from the couch.

5. Bed Bench

Some master bedrooms have an ottoman at the foot of their beds. It’s the perfect arrangement that will help you put on your shoes and socks. Not to mention, they also add a touch of style to your bedroom.

FOREVER PATIO Cavalier Ottoman from PFL provides the ultimate comfort for your bedroom. 

6. Sofa Bed Transformation

At first glance, it is difficult to tell that these furniture items are actually guest beds in disguise when they are connected together. Both function as typical seating or footstool for everyday use, they easily transform into a single bed when you need it. These versatile pieces of furniture are perfect for small homes, making sure you got covered and ready for friends or families for an overnight stay.

To view the complete collection of our Ottomans, head on to Patio Furniture Land. We have various styles and colors that will surely suit your needs to a T.

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