Health Benefits of Rocking Chair

Health Benefits of Rocking Chair

We now live in a world that is technology-dependent. From the birth of cellular phones and the ever-improving appliances of our homes and offices to amazing, innovative health-promoting gadgets; there is a lot of innovation all around us. However, when it comes to health, some studies have claimed that a rocking chair can significantly improve a person’s well-being when compared to some massaging and relaxing tools. While rocking chairs does not help in shaping and toning body muscles as much as a workout does, it can surely improve health in some ways.

Nowadays, you can choose from an innumerous rocking chairs that can easily blend with any contemporary, minimalist, or modern furniture in any home. Gone are the days when the main option available in the market was simple, wooden rocking chairs. These days, modern furniture items can dazzle your homes with their alluring and appealing appearance.


Here are some surprising health benefits of a timeless classic – the rocking chair.


    It is a known fact that rocking can soothe and improve a baby’s sleep and it has been shown that it has the same effect with adults. A good night’s sleep or a quality nap can improve our mood and well-being – another great reason to invest in rocking chairs!

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    Rocking chairs are beneficial for those who are always at home, have no time for gym, or simply for those who are inactive. Spending an hour or so in a rocking chair can lose calories. The process of rocking can work up your muscles and tone your body. The greatest benefit of a rocking chair is the ability to improve a person’s body posture.

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    People who are over 65 years old are at risk for falls. This has always been the primary cause of most ER visits in seniors. A common risk factor for falling in the elderly is the decrease in sensory perception resulting in a decline in balance. Rocking can help restore this balance in some way. The fluid inside our inner ear stimulates nerve endings that send impulses to the brain whenever our head moves. The rocking encourages the movement of this fluid which, in turn, increases the sensation of balance.
    According to some studies, it has been proven that dementia patients can benefit from the rocking motion of rocking chairs. According to them, the most dangerous conditions such as depression and anxiety in these patients have been reduced to a minimum. Rocking is known to release endorphins, which help reduce anxiety. Rocking is particularly helpful in mid-stage dementia patients since they are very difficult to calm; it soothes them and helps relieve their pain. Rocking helps improve the overall health and well-being of such patients.

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    Using a rocking chair increases blood circulation as it sends more oxygen to the joints and reduces pain and inflammation. Improved circulation benefits the heart and helps in combating any cardiovascular diseases.


The benefits of a rocking chair can go on as there are a lot, so what’s left is to make the right choice for your needs. This can be done by planning on where you want to place the chair, the style, and the color. Rocking chairs can blend well with any interior design or even outdoor styles.

Patio Furniture Land offers a wide range of rocking chairs. If you’re feeling the vibe of a classic wooden rocking chair or a fancy yet comfortable rocking chair outdoor, Patio Furniture Land has got it all for you. We’d be happy to serve you!

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