How to Hang an Outdoor Swing Bench
Is there anything better than heading out to your patio on a lazy afternoon and letting the time pass by? Or relaxing on a warm evening with a glass of good wine? Or sipping your first coffee in the morning while listening to the birds? People say, a patio swing isn’t just furniture, rather it is a state of mind. You hop on and sway for a bit, then poof! You’re transported to the most relaxing place on earth. The gentle swaying plus the gentle breeze make your patio swing a perfect nap spot.
It’s not debatable that the classic and alluring look of a patio swing adds value to your home. Once you have selected the right patio swing, the next step would be to hang it. But remember, safety first. A patio swing gets its entire support from your home itself, and improper installation can produce damage to you and your house. Hanging a patio swing is a fairly easy weekend project.
This weekend could be the best time to get started on your patio swing project. Soon you’ll be able to sit back and enjoy what may be your new favorite nook on your patio. But before you get too giddy, you’d better read up on some of the basics that Patio Furniture Land has curated for you…
  • Measure Patio Swing
  • For ideal comfort, a patio swing is recommended to be 17 to 19 inches off the ground. Two 8 feet chains can hold ceilings that are 8 to 9 feet tall. If your ceilings are 12 feet tall, you might need 11 feet chains to hang your patio swing.

  • Attach Chains or Ropes to Swing
  • If your patio swing comes with already attached chains/ropes, you can hook the chains onto the hangers in the ceiling. Secure one end of the long-chain to the front of the patio swing with a quick link. Secure each short chain to the back of the seat with a quick link.

  • Attach Chains/Ropes or Swing hangers to Support Beams
  • To hang your patio swing from a single joist or beam, it needs to be a 2x8 joist or a 4x4 beam. Once you have established that the joists are thick enough to hold your patio swing, locate the joists from the underside of the ceiling using a stud finder.

  • Check Installation
  • Allow the patio swing to hang freely by removing the temporary support from under. Re-check for level and adjust as needed, according to your preference. You can test with medium weight first and gradually increase up to a maximum of 3 adults or 4 children.

  • Patio Swing Bench Trial
  • Once your patio swing is mounted, sit down and give it a sway. Adjust the chains or ropes as necessary or the height of the patio swing as desired. Once you’re happy with the outcome, trim the excess ends of the ropes or tie them up on a knot. The excess chains can be cut with a bolt cutter.

    And, that’s it! You’re all done! 


    Now you can place the cushion and some throw pillows on the patio swing and enjoy! If you want to discover some more patio swing designs and other patio furniture, head on the Patio Furniture Land!

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