PFL’s Guide to Buying Adirondack Chairs

The term ‘Adirondack’ is not yet that popular worldwide. People outside the USA would probably ask you, “A what chair?” The Adirondack chair has been around for many years. It’s a chair with an iconic design. We probably have seen this type of chair perhaps in movies, beaches, our friend’s house, but never knew what it was called. 

The Adirondack chair is designed for the outdoors. Five to seven wooden boards with a range of heights are made to form the backrest, with the tallest board placed in the middle. The seat also functions as back leg support. The armrests are usually flat, wide boards that are placed perpendicular to the front legs. The Adirondack chair is designed for outdoor lounging, thanks to its sloped seat. Today, the Adirondack chair became the comfiest chair you can own. Aside from symbolizing comfort, the Adirondack chair evokes the feel of ‘tranquillity,’ ‘vacation,’ and ‘simplicity.’

Adirondack chairs showcase flexibility. You can use them in different functions outdoors. They can be placed in your outdoor patio, on the beach, beside a fire pit, in the garden near the roses, etc.

  • Adirondack chairs come in different sizes.
  • The standard Adirondack chair stands around 35 to 38 inches in height and the seat is around 13 to 16 inches from the ground. They can weigh anywhere between 10 and 45 pounds depending on the size and the materials used. Lighter chairs are easier to move from one place to another, but heavier chairs can stand wind and weather damage better.


  • Adirondack chairs have a stable and well-balanced design.
  • Adirondack chairs are not your typical outdoor chair or folding camp chair. The unique design of Adirondack chairs relieves pressure on your lower back. Their wide seat and back, allows you to add cushions to the seat for added support. They also have wide armrests that allow you to place your favorite snack without the worry of tipping it over.


  • Adirondack chairs offer extreme comfort.
  • Many people choose the Adirondack chair simply because of the comfort it offers. While some chairs in the market provide comfort, Adirondack chairs are unlike other chairs. Even if you sit on it for hours, it doesn’t leave you achy and weary. You will always get up feeling relaxed. 


    You may ask, what makes Adirondack chairs so comfortable? The answer lies in design and weight distribution. It gives you the same comfort as a lounge chair. 


    Adirondack chairs can last a good while as long as you follow their maintenance tips. While they don’t require too much job to stay in shape, repainting them after 1 to 3 years is also encouraged. Repainting Adirondack chairs depends on the material used and the weather conditions your chair has been exposed to. We suggest you use high-quality paint. Oil-based paints work much better than water-based ones, which take a lot of time to dry. However, if you enjoy a natural fading look, repainting is not needed. Some people prefer a worn-out look to match their garden layout, outdoor theme, or personal style.

    The Adirondack Chair is one of the most flexible, comfortable, simple yet elegant options for outdoor patio seating. They are visually alluring in that they offer an aesthetic feel when placed in the backyard. The best part is that it comes in various types, can be a folded one, an oversized one, or even a swing. So, if you are considering owning a perfect and iconic piece of furniture in your patio or backyard, PFL offers Adirondack chairs. Come and visit now!

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