Why Teak is the Best Wood for Garden Benches

When springtime is just around the corner, you’ll know that it is the ripe time to get the outdoor spaces ready. It’s time to savor the crisp, fresh air without the fear of the winter frost. And, oh, it’s time to think about summer! As you spend more time with your plants in the garden, you should also have an outdoor bench ready especially for those times when you need to take a pause from your daily work.

If you are one of those who spend a little more time in the garden every day, you’ll agree with us that having an outdoor bench is a necessity. Plus, it makes your outdoor area look more comfortable. An outdoor bench is a great company in enjoying the warmth and freshness of spring and summer. Imagine gazing at your flowers and sipping a cup of coffee or tea in comfort.
There are many selections for outdoor benches in the market today and choosing the specific design that will serve you for many years is a difficult decision for some, if not all. Without thorough research, you can end up with an uncomfortable, or worse, a squeaky bench that isn’t worth your time and money.

When choosing outdoor furniture, the first thing to consider is the material it is made from. While outdoor benches can be made from any kind of wood, we at Patio Furniture Land found that the best wood for garden benches is Teak. Teak is a beautiful hardwood found and harvested from solid Indonesian teak trees. It has natural oils making it shiny and waterproof. For centuries, teak has been used on warships as well as on making high-quality outdoor furniture. So, comes the question, why is teak wood the most preferred wood for outdoor furniture? 

3 things you need to know about teak furniture:

  • Strength
    Teak is one of the strongest and most durable hardwoods out there. It can withstand weather conditions such as rain, sun, and snow. Thanks to its high natural oil content and tight wood grain. 

ANDERSON TEAK Curve 3-Seater Extra Thick Bench

  • Timeless Beauty 
    The color and grain of teak furniture make it one of the most attractive not just to furniture makers but also to homeowners. Teak outdoor furniture, when new, possess a honey brown color. Over time, it will age naturally and will give off an elegant patina grey color. Teak will never rust even when in contact with metal, unlike other woods. This is another amazing quality of this teak outdoor furniture making it look good for many years.


  • Adaptability
  • Strength, durability, warm color, and resistance to harsh elements make teak furniture an extremely adaptable wood. For hundreds of years, teak wood had been a favorite for shipbuilders because of its water-resistant properties and its tendency not to splinter easily and it has been used for both indoor and outdoor furniture. Teak possesses the flexibility that many furniture makers are looking for today, from dining tables to patio furniture.
  • At Patio Furniture Land, we have the largest selection of a-grade teak furniture for you to choose from. Visit our website now for more information.

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