Have you ever found yourself so loaded? Have you ever felt the need to unwind after a long day’s work? Well, fret no more. Since this new normal had encouraged us to stay at home again, going out nowadays is but a luxury. There’s plenty of things you can do at home, like vamping up some spaces in your home or designing your outdoor patio. You can lounge outside, feel the warm sun and light breeze embrace your skin. It does not only nurture your need to connect to nature, but it also gives you time for yourself, your family, and friends – a staycation that you surely deserve. 

Nothing compares to a weekend get together with people close to our hearts, lounging near the pool, swimming, having a BBQ, and of course, conversations over cold drinks. Cue in, Easy like Sunday morning♫♪♫

When it comes to chilling your beverages, having a convenient and practical cooler is a good choice, and if you need one that you can use in your outdoor patio or backyard, the BREEZESTA Chill Beverage Side Table is the perfect item to have in your next outdoor party.

While most beer/wine coolers target their ability to chill your drinks, they hardly have other functions. That’s why Patio Furniture Land’s BREEZESTA Chill Beverage Side Table is fully equipped and functional to chill your beverages in the middle portion, while still having the capacity to hold other items such as food and drinks around it. This clever yet creatively designed side table is perfect for anyone who is looking and planning to incorporate multifunctional outdoor items into their patios or backyards.

For your next outdoor shindig, the BREEZESTA Chill Beverage Side Table is the perfect way to store and serve ice cold drinks in one convenient place

About our BREEZESTA Chill Beverage Side Table item:

  • Flexible Usage
    It is one of the must-have accessories for outdoor pastimes such as pool and BBQ party, family get-together, etc. It can be moved easily and easy to clean and maintain. It has a long hour cooling capacity which makes your beverages cool and fresh.
  • Multifunctional Lid
    The round lid has many functions. It has a hole that can hold the top of the wine bottle in place. It can also serve as a tabletop.
  • Maintain Cold for Hours
    Our Stainless steel beverage cooler can keep beverages cold for several hours, allowing you and your company long hours of fun and enjoy good and cool drinks.
  • Variety of Colors
    BREEZESTA Chill Beverage Side Table comes in 5 different colors. If you want to mix and match your outdoor furniture items, you can choose any color that suits your style.

Come chill with us at Patio Furniture Land and choose the outdoor furniture that you need. For outdoor lounging or outdoor parties, Patio Furniture Land has the best options for you.

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