How to Clean Outdoor Fire Pits

How to Clean Outdoor Fire Pits

Outdoor fire pits are a great addition to any patio. Fire pits offer a warmth that is so soothing and welcoming during cold evenings. They create a perfect venue to toast marshmallows or the popular camping snack S’mores, and a perfect place to gather around and share funny or scary conversations or reminisce about some pieces from Memory Lane. During a night around the fire pit, soot, grime, or rust remains unnoticeable. However, during the daytime, you may want to keep your outdoor fire pits look presentable rather than old and worn out.
Whether your fire pit is made from sculptural metal or durable stone, and whether they are wood-burning fire pits or propane fire pits, it needs regular and thorough cleaning to maintain its good condition. Cleaning your fire pits doesn’t have to be difficult. With our useful and helpful tips, you will have your fire pit safe and ready for another relaxing and cozy night.

Cleaning the Fire Pit

Note: To protect yourself from any impending danger, always wear an eye shield, a dust mask, and rubber gloves when cleaning a fire pit.

Cleaning Wood-Burning Fire Pit

  1. Wait at least overnight or a couple of days until the ashes in the pit are completely cool before removing them from the fire pit.
  2. Take out the remaining pieces of wood. Vacuum or scoop out the lingering dust and debris.
  3. Dispose of the ashes and remember to pack them properly before throwing them out. You can also reuse the ashes in your garden by sprinkling them around plants to keep slugs and snails away.

Cleaning Propane Fire Pits

Propane fire pits are easier to clean than wood-burning fire pits. Instead of enduring long hours collecting all debris and ashes, a propane fire pit saves you the effort to do that. Propane fire pits need to be cleaned regularly as the change in weather and dirt accumulation can allow rust to develop. We want you to keep your fire pit looking good as long as possible.

Below are some helpful tips to take care of your propane fire pit so that it can last for a long time:

  1. Make sure the fire pit has completely cooled down.
  2. Shut off the gas line.
  3. Using a damp cloth and some soap, wipe down the fire pit table top and burner.
  4. Remove debris such as leaves and rocks from the burner pan and media to avoid damage. 
  5. Check the drains and vents for bugs and other residues. Clean them to avoid clogging.
  6. Remove the fire glass and check for any debris. You may or may not clean the fire glass.

Cover your Fire Pit

Now that you have cleaned your fire pit, we recommend you invest in a cover for your fire pit. Although it is completely optional, it will protect your fire pit from any harsh weather conditions and any elemental damage brought by the sun, rain, snow, and strong winds. There are many different types of covers available in the market that are weather-resistant (canvas, vinyl, and stainless steel). Always cover your fire pit when not in use.
Note: Let the fire pit cool down first before putting on the cover.

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