Fire & Water Bowls: Perfect Add-On for Swimming Pools

Fire & Water Bowls: Perfect Add-On for Swimming Pools

Adding your outdoor space with a fire and water feature can transform a simple and ordinary space into something exceptional. Patio Furniture Land’s fire and water features are made to emphasize the unique contrast of fire and water. We can give you the fire and water features that you have been dreaming of having with our many available options.

From outdoor fire warmers to fire and water bowls for swimming pools, you will have an unending supply of greatness! Each of our fire and water bowls is uniquely designed using high-quality materials to deliver long-lasting durability.



Things to Consider When Buying Fire and Water Bowls for Swimming Pools:

1 .Overall size 

Consider the size of your garden first or the place where you want to place your fire and water bowl. The sizes of fire and water bowls range from small models to larger built-in styles. Choose a size and style that suits your budget. Fire and water bowls vary in size ranging from 24 to 58 inches in diameter. Height can range between low to taller models. You can also choose a style that is slightly lower than the standard height of your seat, at least 18 inches. In this way, you can rest your feet on the lip of the fire and water bowl. But, take note, the height of a fire and water bowl affects the reflected warmth.

2 . Material

Fire and water bowls are available in different kinds of materials, i.e. cast iron, black-coated steel, etc. Each of these materials has its own pros and cons.

For durability, Patio Furniture Land’s fire and water bowls are made of stainless steel, hammered copper, corten steel, ivory, etc. It’s best to choose a material that will complement the design and theme of your outdoor space or pool area. 

3 . Permanent or Portable

A portable fire and water bowl is easier to use for other purposes other than being a pool accessory. You just have to bend over less far which increases the ease of use. If you are after for a camping vibe, then a permanent fire and water bowl is ideal. You can sit on the ground, poolside, and enjoy the heat of the fire.

4 . Gas or Wood

If you fancy the crackling sound of fire and the aroma that lingers on your hair and clothes, then wood is the right choice for you. Make sure that logs can accommodate the size of your fire and water bowl. Gas fire and water bowls are ideal for open porches with overhead roofs, with no wood pile, ashes, or debris.

5 . Safety

Consider fire-safety precautions when operating outdoor fire and water bowls.

  • Be sure that everyone in your house knows how to put out the fire bowl. 
  • Do not place your fire bowls on unsteady surfaces and overhanging trees.
  • Never leave your kids alone around the flames.
  • Use a screen to prevent sparks from flying out. Do not use fire bowls when it is very windy.
  • Make sure to extinguish the fire completely after using. For emergencies, keep a fire extinguisher nearby.
  • Cover the fire bowl with a lid if you have one after putting out the fire.

Now that you’re all set, it’s time to make your outdoor plans happen. Head on to Patio Furniture Land for your dream fire and water bowl.

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