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Limited Lifetime Warranty 

At Breezesta, our objective is to inspire you to customize outdoor spaces and create memories  through every season of your life. 

Furniture Products: 

  • Breezesta warrants to the original purchaser, not transferable, a limited lifetime  warranty for residential use and three (3) years of commercial use from the date of  original invoice, under normal use and service conditions that products shall be free  from material and workmanship defects and will not crack, splinter, chip, peel, or rot or  suffer structural damage, including from insect infestation. 
  • Breezesta products are made with UV inhibitors and stabilizers to minimize fading and  are warranted not to fade for three (3) years; however, upon sun exposure all colors will  fade to some degree over time. To minimize fading, keep product covered or out of  direct sunlight when not in use, and use cushions where applicable. 


  • Hardware used in assembly of Breezesta products is warranted not to break for a period  of five (5) years of residential use or three (3) years of commercial use. 
  • Hardware is warranted not to rust or corrode from the effects of weather for two (2)  years. Proper maintenance of hardware will reduce weathering effects, particularly in  coastal areas. Please see the Care & Maintenance Guide on Breezesta.com for full care  and prevention details. 
  • Mechanical hardware used to create motion as in swivel, rock, or glide is warranted for  a period of two (2) years against breakage. 
  • In the event of rust or corrosion replacement hardware will be provided free of charge.  Cushions: 

The cushions are not covered under Breezesta’s warranty. The cushions will be covered under the cushion supplier warranty and only residential use is covered. Please reach out to  Breezesta or the Breezesta retailer from whom you purchased your cushions. 

Fire & Ice Table: 

The fire components used in fire pit tables, including burners, ignitions, electronics, and glass  guards, are not covered under the Breezesta warranty. These parts are covered under vendor’s  OEM warranty. Please reach out to Breezesta or the Breezesta retailer from whom you  purchased your fire and ice table.

Warranty Exclusions: 


  • Assembly or handling of products, including labor and assembly costs, or defects caused  by improper assembly. 
  • The application of paint, varnish, or other coating or chemical not approved by  Breezesta. 
  • The application of heat or radiation from an external source, such as a barbecue grill,  another appliance, or fire.  
  • Color or pattern variances between any new replacement parts or pieces or other  pieces. We will occasionally discontinue or modify products and colors. If the original  product or color is not available, the warranty replacement will be made at Breezesta’s  discretion.  
  • Damage beyond material and workmanship defects, including, but not limited to,  negligence, unreasonable use, misuse, physical abuse, vandalism, accidents, acts of God  (fire, flooding, hurricane, earthquake, tornado, lightning, ice, etc.), environmental  conditions (mold, mildew, etc.). 
  • Staining caused by rusted or corroded hardware or foreign substances (such as dirt,  grease, oil, etc.) or normal weathering. 

Breezesta’s liability with respect to the product(s) shall not under any circumstance exceed the  purchase price, or that portion of the price allocable to damaged or defective parts or  components; thus, the product, part, or component may only be fully replaced one time under  the warranty period. Proper maintenance of your product is required to support the benefits of  this warranty. This warranty is void in the event of abuse or neglect. This warranty does not  apply to normal wear and tear. 

For service under this warranty, contact the Breezesta dealer from which you purchased the  product. When submitting a claim, you will be required to submit a written description of the  defect, along with a photo and proof of purchase receipt including the date of purchase. Once  documentation has been received, reviewed and if approved, hardware, parts, or product will  be shipped to the dealer from which you purchased the product.

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