Mater Outdoor Warranty Policy


The Supplier represents and warrants, at the time of delivery and for a period of
24 (twenty-four) months thereafter (the “Warranty Period”), that (i) all Products
are and will be merchantable and without any defects in design, construction,
functionality and materials and (ii) that the performance and fitness for the
purpose of the Products will be in accordance with the requirements and
The warranty only covers indoor usage and indented for occasional usage only.
The warranty covers material-, and production defects defined as physical faults
and defects from the date the product was delivered from the Supplier to the
Customers designated delivery address. The original invoice must be presented
as proof of the purchase.
The warranty does not cover if the products mentioned in this contract has been
stored, mounted or used in a wrong way, misused, altered, maintained or treated
with wrong detergents. The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, cutting
marks, scratches, stains or damages caused by bumps or accidents.
If claiming a defect, the Customer must provide physical documentation in form
of digital images or similar clearly explaining the defect and how it occurred.

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