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Policy Details

All manufacturer defects will be covered within one year once the product is delivered. VIFAH must be contacted for claim as soon as possible when issues are found, FID#, photos, Order infor must be provided. Then replacement/refund will be processed as requests.

Warranty covers the following cases of defect:

Product shows defected as its arrival to customer when open box (not caused by shipping): missed or defected part(s), screw and hole are not matching each other, wrong part(s) from different product shipped together, defected of color during use within warranty period.

Product shows defected as its arrival to customer when open box (caused by shipping): missed part(s) while packaging or shipping, wrong product or part(s) shipped, defect(s) caused by shipping.

Warranty does not cover the following cases of defect:

The weight put or lay on the product exceeded the provided weight capacity.

The product wrongly assembled by not following the provided instruction.

The defect(s) caused by Force Majeure while shipping or using product.

Using any treatment product other then those suggested by VIFAH.

Normal wear and tear occur during normal use.

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